Sap Business One Data Integration Via Odbc Queries

#Business - SAP B2 is open for exterior data integration, such technologies as EDI, Sales and buy Order Processing in partner systems through several tools. Presuming that you're small or mid-size business, likely that you'd like to make use of free instruments, versus buying something similar to your SAP BO software cost (iBolt for instance). Within this small publication we wish to review free SBO integrating techniques: Data Transformation Work bench, SAP Business One SDK programming:

Sap Business One Data Integration Via Odbc Queries1.To begin with we wish reassure you that within the integration you are able to exceed simple Microsoft Stand out templates filling and saving them in CSV format. Rather you need to consider versatility of ODBC connection for SB1 Data Transformation Work bench or perhaps direct manipulation of SAP Business One objects in SB1 SDK or Software Development Package

2.ODBC connection in Data Transformation Work bench. SB1 DTW was meant for initial data conversion or ongoing data import to SAP Business One. You may even realize that if you work with CSV files you are able to schedule DTW integration in Batch file. Within this scenario, for those who have exterior legacy Database: Oracle, DB2, Lotus Notes, Pervasive SQL, Ctree, Microsoft Access, or perhaps tab delimited text file then using MS SQL Server Data Transformation Package you are able to reshape the export out of your legacy application and reserve it into CSV templates to become imported in scheduled batch job. ODBC connection at this time around isn't supported for automatic arranging by SB1 DTW. Rather, you may create SQL sights, including mix-platform sights (where information is drawn from non-Microsoft Database: PHP mySQL for instance) and getting simple DTW operator procedure import them when needed

3.SAP Business One EDI programming. If you're employed in the little company, but you're simultaneously reasonably technical, then you do not have to buy SB1 EDI add-ons and configuration tools. Rather you are able to deploy SQL DTS package, reading through EDI text file and changing it into CSV DTW templates or opening it towards the DTW via ODBC SQL view

4.SAP BO SDK programming. SDK opens limitless use of SB1 objects as well as their creation, modification and deletion. SAP B2 SDK programming requires programmer certification, that might make you the concept to subcontract SB1 SDK software development project for your SAP Business One Technology Partner and Merchant

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