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#Gold - The very first phase within the new century, the "Fortune" magazine, economic experts predicted the twenty-first century, the very best investment 7 direction, such as "recognition of leisure sports will end up a fundamental part of individuals lives." This case developed areas in Europe, America and Southeast Asia has turned into a social reality, as well as in the quickly growing Chinese economy, only the rise of outside sports, it'll progressively scale of the profession brought business possibilities.

Outside market has great potential 98 years right from the start of outside sports in China, Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shanghai, silently rising, television, magazines, newspapers and also the Internet along with other attention provided to the strong, making outside sports rapidly grew to become a social fashion, this manner will quickly develop with other domestic metropolitan areas. This can bring two new marketplaces:

Outdoor sports industry 21 gold investment direction - HC Network sports and leisure industry1, outside sports sales market

2, outside sports, self-help travel services market.

We be with each other known to as outside sports market.

China makes the planet a heart of consumer groups, based on the fifth census, 13 million individuals 380 million urban population, which resides in large metropolitan areas (urban non-farming population of 500,000 or even more metropolitan areas) urban non-farming population of 115 million, which age 15-age forty, comprising 40%, or 46 million. Huge population base signifies a sizable outside market. Meanwhile, China is wealthy in natural tourism assets, in the flatlands towards the mountain tops, from forests to deserts, from mountain tops to ponds, a myriad of outside sports available assets and growth and development of outside sports rise in China has laid a great grounds for a priori .

Correspondingly, the truly amazing outdoors, self-help travel services market. In 1998 the entire revenue of China tourism industry 346.2 billion yuan in 2002 is continuing to grow to 553 billion. Backed through the American Express World Travel Tourism Council, lately designed to the introduction of Chinese tourism research report stated China will by 2020 end up being the world's 4th biggest exporter of vacationers and tourism demand within the next decade to eight.5% each year development of under-developed. Such conditions, as people much healthier, natural, more personalized life-style the quest for outside sports and tourism will progressively become a self-help tourism among the primary mode, comprising a substantial share from the tourism market.

Note: 1, outside sports: that alpinism, mountain climbing, camping, hiking the holes, rafting, skiing, equine riding, bike, backpack travel along with other outside activities.

2, outside sports goods: including tents, alpinism bags, sleeping-bags, mats, outside clothing, shoes, climbing mountain climbing supplies, tools, spade cutter tools, stove dinnerware, lighting items, outside food, books, maps, military, Ski equipment, harness along with other special outside sporting equipment.

Effective supply Outside sports market in China due to rapid development, small amount of time, domestic producers are now able to offer items and services are primary, the leading businesses and heavy insufficient well-known brands.

Additionally, since the market hasn't created an adequate scale, similar foreign items to go in the little companies and types have joined china market, foreign items are just small-scale test marketing, no formal human capital investment to build up the marketplace.

Using the rapid development of demand, domestic outside sports marketplace is apparent in effective supply, this shortage is reflected both in the amount, but additionally reflected in the standard. Existing items presently available on the market sales and repair information mill just about all organizations, small workshop-kind of partnership, capital strength is small, control over the finish of poor service.

Effective supply shortage situation in Beijing, the performance of other locations outdoors the greater prominent.

Good investment possibilities Huge demand, and offer shortage, without doubt consists of a great outside market investment possibilities. High growth and profitability would be the primary options that come with the outside sports market. As lengthy as China's steady economic growth, outside sports industry could grow quickly.

Complex technology and material, making the introduction of human personality are unparalleled attention. Small business owners recognized: the way forward for the enterprise, no matter what type of items to supply what services, corporate culture may be the core from the U . s . States, health, personality and happiness. Out this purpose, companies cannot exist.

Outside sports business philosophy is unquestionably probably the most direct expression of outside industry like a sunrise industry is going to be long lasting. Sixties and also the seventies within the U . s . States an upswing from the leisure fitness boom, in order NIKE and numerous forward-searching vision, action could be a measure ahead to attain great results from the enterprise, creating its very own world-famous sports brand. At the moment, China's sustained and stable economic development and growing individuals living standards. Using the 2008 Beijing Olympics approaching, sets off a brand new round of countrywide entertainment fitness craze, "focus on health, to character" will end up the primary theme of individuals lives. Such an unparalleled historic chance, the outside industry, the spirit from the occasions of sunrise industry reps is going to be vision, strong business traders the Holy Land.

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