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#Charity_Polio - Narayan Seva Sansthan began on 23rd October 1985. Padmashri Dr. Kailash Manav may be the founding father of "Narayan Seva Sansthan". Earlier, in the past, Dr. Kailash Manav usually visits hospital everyday to investigate concerning the hurt people. The emergence of Narayan Seva Sansthan (Trust) Udaipur happened following a rememberable incidence, when Dr. Kailash Manav saw a classic guy eating one chapatti and hiding 2 chapattis through the side from the pillow. Curious to understand the main reason, behind this, Dr. Kailash Manav contacted that old guy whose title was KISHNA JI BHIL and requested, why perhaps you have stored remaining chapattis near the pillow? That old guy spoke to Dr. Kailash Manav with folded hands and tears in the eyes- Babuji! I'm still quite hungry, but my buddy and boy who have started to take proper care of me do not have anything to consume. Whatever money we'd lent continues to be allocated to my medications. The wedding has completely transformed their sights. They made the decision to gather a number of flour in the houses of neighbors, bake chapattis out of this flour and distributed it among family and friends from the poor patients in hospital every single day.

Charity Donation India,donate To Charity,disabled Rehabilitation & Social Welfare,narayan Seva,polioSince 1985, more than one lakh polio stricken individuals have been freely and effectively operated under Narayan Seva Sansthan's move towards self-dependence from the handicapped. Sansthan has plastic box Limca Award for that record quantity of polio procedures. Besides free distribution of garments, medications, food grains etc. towards the tribal in remote areas, additionally, it provides free vocational training towards the physically disabled and economically less strong parts of the society. Narayan Seva Sansthan (Trust) is running various polio hospitals from public donation. Sansthan is principally organizing Bhagwat Katha on various places and mostly is going to be telecast on television channels, appealing for that donation of polio victim people. We're also LIVE Telecasting seva pravachan by Dr. Kailash Manav on various Television channels like Aastha, Zee TV and Sanskar etc. For social rehab or growth and development of children, we've opened up residential school for hard of hearing and dumb children. We're also accepting online donation, and also the amount deposited is completely exempt from tax u/s 80G and 35 AC. Narayan Seva is organizing viklang vivah each year, as well as labeled as polio disabled Top NGO India.