The Global Warming Cult back to paganism and onwards to higher taxes of course

#Taxes - The Men and women within their need to be relevant around the world stage, have erected some immoral and vicious philosophies. Fascism, Communism, Socialism and publish modern nonsense and dialecticism summarized through the Useless Nations, along with other cults of utopian fantasy are apparent good examples. Like its cousin the present Eco-fascist Climatic Change cult is premised on non-scientific data a belief within an all knowing kind technocratic elite which will lead the audience a belief inside a " new world " order a hate of modernity a hate of capitalism a hate people inspired liberalism along with a disdain for work, ethics, virtue and reality. The Eco-fascist cult is simply an ill offering of remaining philosophical food, cooked with rancid Marxism, covered with moral brilliance complexes, spread with non-scientific platitudes, and garnished by an self-adoring elite who just cant get enough that belongs to them importance. Eco-cultism and also the Climatic Change baloney is yet another sad illustration of the Euro-trash elite attempting to make itself relevant. Climatic change doesn't exist doesn't have relationship with human activity and is dependant on natural cycles and trends.

The current media passion for the eco-cult knows no limits. The present uproar over Climatic Change is
The Global Warming Cult back to paganism and onwards to higher taxes of course
among the finest intellectual ripoffs ever and one which is taken care of by tax payers. The Men and women are hell bent to lower the power cost disadvantage they've using the much more dynamic and prosperous US economy. The Euro-eco fetish mandates the rise in socialist meddling more unions more bureaucrats and much more dumb standards. Taxes will rise industry will contract and jobs is going to be lost however the Euro and buro-felines will explain smugly that you simply sacrifice all for your kids. Other cults including Hitlerism, Communism and Islam the same.

When the Eco-fascists get their way not simply will oil be off-limits in The United States to new drilling but nuclear energy, clean burning coal plants along with other carbon based systems is going to be torn lower. Included in this dislocation we've the eco-fascist cult lead by all-knowing seers like the Useless Nations and Al Gore, screaming that people should do something now! to prevent our planet from falling apart because of guy-made climatic change. The truth that not really a shred of evidence supports the concept that humans cause climatic change is hardly vital that you the Eco-fascist cult. It's the concept that counts! In addition the immoral, bloody, dirty, degenerate and wealthy West will need to transfer towards the lesser nations enormous money under Climatic Change contracts to limit CO2 along with other Green house gas pollutants. So shout the Eco-fascists. The expense to industry will escalate, economic growth will contract and society will end up a great deal lesser to appease a little, government funded lobby group that's divorced from reality and a menace to our very own existence.

The nonsense all around the climatic change theory is thick and dense. But here's quick summary of why it's eco-cult garbage.

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