How To Stop Thefts From Charity Donation Bags

#Charity_Bags - This artice would be to warn people about thieves who steal charitable organisation donation bags from generous givers, who leave them outdoors their houses for collection.To provide you with a concept of the issue I've re-printed these letters from my the local press.


How To Stop Thefts From Charity Donation Bags
Yesterday I had been waiting at Meriden bus stop about eight others and saw the Lifeboat bag for collection in a house opposite public transit stop. A gentleman in the bus stop walked over acquired the bag and introduced it to the stop sitting around the kerb and experienced the bag showing his wife or girlfriend the clothing. She was there laughing. Public transit came and that he required it with him. Everybody was aghast so we all boarded amazed. The household who contributed for this charitable organisation never understood their kindness didn't achieve its destination. It had been a wretched act. A homeowner



ON November 6 I put two bags of excellent quality clothing on my small front porch, whenever a whitened van drove up along with a youthful boy inside a sweatshirt, with hood on his mind, found get my bag. I requested him if he was in the Lifeboat Charitable organisation, he only stated 'ha' and went served by the baggage towards the whitened van plus they drove off. Now I won't place a charitable organisation bag within my front porch any longer. Basically have clothing for charitable organisation now I'll make use of the number around the bag and let them know to ring my bell for collecting. Local resident



I place a bag of garments out a week ago along with a guy inside a whitened van collected it. He demonstrated an ID however it was at his inside pocket, and you can easily obtain a fake one. The van doesn't have title onto it. He did not even thank you but hurried away. If only now I'd taken the van number plate. He'd a youthful guy within the passenger chair who I would not have thought was needed. Title and address provided


As you can tell by the majority of the letters above these robberies are very organised. They can cynically use under-age children,because they know too youthful to become punished. It's a double tragedy because during the time of penning this article, the brave volunteers from the RNLI are busy saving those who have been flooded from their houses in England`s Cumbrian Lake District.

So exactly how should we stop this from happening later on.Advisable, is layed out in letter # 2, who recommended to phone the amount around the bag, and request these to ring the bell for collecting.

However this doesn't get your money back stolen by these callous thieves.And So I am asking that anybody reading through this short article should click the RNLI link below and purchase a product within the RNLI shop or create a small donation.

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