Genero Jewellery Collection Captures Essence Of Gold

#Gold - Damas gives the location probably the most exciting names to leave Italia recently Genero. The company which has acquired worldwide popularity of its character and animal-inspired enamelwork provides a memorable range of jewelry ear-rings, rings and pendants in 18kt gold.

Genero began by dynamic husband-wife duo Ezio and Antonella Genero in Vicenza, the creative heartland of Italia. Crafting jewels from materials of the highest quality quality, Genero gives existence mesmerizing designs that mix hand crafted artistry and today's technology.

Antonella, co-founder and lead designer from the Italian brand, was lately in Dubai to provide the most
Genero Jewellery Collection Captures Essence Of Gold
recent Genero collections. She discloses: Mine is a way of making gold come to life, wherein transforms the jewel right into a unique believed that remembers feminine elegance and enables itself to become worn every single day. It's a method in which originates from my curious observation of gold and just what causes it to be so exciting - its wholesomeness, rhythm and vitality.

Tawhid Abdullah, Controlling Director of Damas, remarked: "Genero is definitely an exciting new brand that provides stylish, sophisticated jewelry for that lady who seeks a distinctive expression of herself. Only using premium materials, each creation from Genero's extensive collections is definitely an inspired outpouring of their designer, which sets it inside a arena of its very own as something women will enjoy for life.Inch

Antonella includes a amazing feeling of design which brings many years of valuable experience towards the jewelry area. Students of the well-known Art Institute of Florence, she and her husband setup the look house that will see her enhance her inspired jewelry masterpieces towards the relaxation around the globe.

Fuelling her inspiration with extensive visit major fashion capitals around the world, Antonella enables herself to see top notch the flow of feelings which she later means bewitching works of art. Each Genero jewel seeks to 'live in perfect harmony using the leading Italian fashion brands as well as their most breathtaking creations' to determine something personal and special about its individual.

Genero thinks and works through the principle that style and sensuality, womanliness and magnificence transcend all obstacles old, which a precious accessory is among the best expressions of a person's innermost feelings. The company states the eternal character of ladies to be gentle but innately strong, having a tenacity of spirit that since since the beginning has intrigued and is constantly on the fascinate the planet. Certificates of Quality includes every Genero jewel as assurance of their impeccable value when it comes to design and material along with a definite index towards the high standards set and then an italian man , design house.

It happens to be the goal of Genero to change all of our masterpieces right into a soulful expression that echoes the innermost feelings of their individual. We wish to elevate jewelry from as being a mere adornment to some unique expression of individuality. We're extremely pleased our masterpieces are becoming lots of attention from jewelry enthusiasts within the UAE, adds Antonella.

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